Additional Product Offerings

SPT also trades in various other products related to plastic industries and consumer goods to enhance the convenience factor for our customers as follows:


CYPET – Single stage PET Machines

SPT supplies CYPET, single-stage PET machines, which redefine PET processing both economically and technically. They retain all the advantages of conventional single-stage technologies while adding two more: much lower investment cost and much lower energy consumption. CYPET offers unmatched flexibility in terms of producing a wide range of sizes of PET containers.


Delicious Cashew Co.
  • Cashew nuts
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios

Premium quality cashew nuts, assorted nuts, almonds and pistachios are sourced from Delicious Cashew Company, India and supplied to supermarkets in this region and throughout the GCC.


Micro Cotton Towels

Home Linen

SPT also supplies home linens and MicroCotton towels of varying sizes that are exceptionally soft, super absorbent cotton, quick drying and dyed with eco-friendly dyes.